Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hey, the Rivers poker room has its own restrooms now!

Not exactly up-to-the-minute news, I know. But until today, I hadn't played there since last July. The room has undergone some minor renovations since then. It's now separated from the main casino floor by glass windows, giving the area a more closed-in feel. The sign-in desk has moved from the front-left side of the room to the front-right. And, in a move that must have been greatly celebrated by all who complained about the distance of the nearest urinals when Rivers opened, restrooms are now available on the room's back-right side.

I had a nice little $1/3 NLHE session today. Won $190 in three hours, mostly thanks to one hand. Limped in from early with A-4. No raisers behind. Flop: K-J-9. I checked. Unfortunately, so did the five players sitting behind me with cards. Turn: 7♣. I bet $12. A friend of mine sitting on my immediate left raised to $35. Two folds, and then an older guy raised it up again to $100. I shoved for ~$180. My friend folded. Older guy called.

Well, that escalated quickly. Dealer, please don't pair the board, and, buddy, if you've got Q-10, then god bless ya.

River came the 2. I showed, he mucked and that was that. One big hand made the session. I should be hitting Rivers more often again now that baseball season is about to start.

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