Sunday, November 2, 2008

My table hit the Bad Beat!!!

Met up with my old man to play $1/2 NL in Wheeling Island today, and less than an hour after I started bitching about people worrying too much about the Bad Beat (for the same reasons I talked about here) ... my table hit the Bad Beat Jackpot. Long story short, my dad ended up going all-in with his last $70 holding A-K and got called by K-K. Flop came A-J-x. Third ace came on the turn. Case ace came on the river.

Very tricky-looking bad beat. We all didn't even see it at first. After that last ace hit, the guy with K-K (a Wheeling Island regular who everyone was happy to see win) calmly said, "That's a Bad Beat, right?" I replied, stupidly, that I didn't think so because my dad wasn't playing both of his hole cards. Ahh, but it was quickly pointed out that he was -- he had quad aces with the king kicker. And then people started getting really goddamn excited.

The Bad Beat was confirmed, and play stopped for about a half-hour while we showed drivers licenses, filled out paperwork and called friends. As mere spectators to the hand, me and seven others pocketed $814. My dad won a little less than $6,000, while the poker-room regular with aces full took down $11,000+.

As if the day couldn't get any better, I originally bought in for $150, quickly started running it up, and eventually cashed out for $600. $1,264 is, by far, the most I've ever won at a poker room in one day. Who cares that roughly two-thirds of it was gained just by sitting in the right place at the right time?!

By the way, today I also heard some folks (including a dealer) discussing a guy who got caught stealing $100 chips from his neighbor's stack at a $2-$5 NL table earlier this week. Talk about balls. I know some of those $2-$5 tables can be really big-money games, but did this guy honestly think somebody wouldn't notice their stack of black chips mysteriously shrinking? And did the thief never pause to consider the array of cameras looking down upon every single table at all times?

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