Sunday, February 19, 2017

Computer A.I. outsmarts pathetic, fleshy humans in no-limit holdem at Rivers Casino

Late last month, four poker pros came to Rivers Casino on the North Shore to square off against "Libratus," a poker playing A.I. developed by Carnegie University School of Computer Science professor Tuomas Sandholm and Ph.D. Student Noam Brown. Long story short, the humans got their asses kicked.

From an artificial intelligence standpoint, this is huge, as no-limit Texas Holdem had previously been thought to rely too much on "human" elements (bluffing, subterfuge, betting variances) for a computer to master. Not any more, as machines may now overtake human poker players much as they have in chess.

The event got a ton of press in both the poker and tech communities, some of the best of which I'm linking to here:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- All in: CMU's poker computer busts humans over 20-day competition

Wired -- Inside Libratus, the poker AI that outbluffed the bust humans

Slate -- A new poker A.I. eviscerated its human competition, and it's a beautiful thing

PokerListings -- Libratus poker AI beats humans for $1.76m; is end near?

F5 Poker -- One giant leap for AI: Carnegie Mellon University poker bot spanks humans!


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